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I'm bored but what the hey...

Hi there. I just joined through angelette, and the only thing I have to submit is a finished song, as I have no way of getting a recording onto the computer of myself singing a capella (I have a mini disc recorder, but there's a block on it - thus eliminating the ability to upload onto a computer...)

I know this breaks the rules, but it's not as if you've had anyone else submit anything and I was bored, so... here you go. Feel free to chuck me out. Whatever.

Bio: My name is Erica, I'm 24 and a half. I have been playing piano since I was five, dancing since I was three. I've been involved in various productions throughout my life, including musicals, plays, street performances, recordings and many more. I've conducted three choirs, and am the musical director for a theatre group in QLD. I have half my degree in music education, but quit to start a B.Media (Screen Production/Multimedia) degree, which I've almost finished. I have 2 musicals in the works, and plans for an album. I also run the australianidol community.


P.S angelette has to be exempt from judging me since she's on the recording! *grins*
P.P.S If you want people to join and actually be a part of this thing - I'd recommend plugging it on australianidol and various other idol communities. You can't expect people to stumble on it by chance....
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