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I'd like to judge instrumental

Hi! Jess referred me here...

My name's Kristen, call me Krissie. I'm 18 years of age, and I've been playing instruments since I was 8. Piano, violin, flute (my main one now), piccolo, viola, cello, clarinet, saxphone, bells, percussion...the list goes on and on...

I go to a performing arts academy in Sacramento, California, and I got into the school with my flute. I can pick up songs after hearing them a few times, I'm first flute and winds concert mistriss in Orchestra, and I'm not sure what other qualifications you want of, I can sight-read any instrument's key on the treble clef, and I can transpose from viola and bass, if the bass is C key.

Email me if you'd like to know more!

[Edit: I forgot to mention that I also give music lessons to grade school kids, and my senoir project involved the Mozart Effect and learning disabled children. Heh, yeah, I'm done now.]
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